So, i am getting my latte art pretty solid & i am stoked about it. I have been trying to get a tulip with a rosetta on each side & i just can't get it. any tip?!

P.s. any baristas in the inland empire area that want to hangout, talk coffee, & do some latte art send me a message.

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The only thing I can suggest is to steam a little extra milk and make sure you are finishing the tulip with about 1/4 inch left in the cup.

The order in which you pour greatly affects what you can and cant do (Its funny cause this is what ive been pouring most of the day for a week or so). Start off like a wave tulip, then add the second rosetta, the finish by striking threw the wave part. Bam! done.

There are other ways of course, but I find this the easiest.

Are you trying to do something like this without the inverted  tulip?

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