So I'm planning on opening a shop soon, and I'm browsing through different brands of  machines in the market. I have used the Unic Stella di Caffe 2 group, and I'm quite comfortable with this piece of equipment. However, I had a brief experience with the La Marzocco Linea.

  I heard good reviews about both, however La Marzocco seems to be the most popular among baristas,coffee shop managers, and their customer service/support. I need some feedback, before I decide which brand will become the bedrock/foundation of my business.

Any suggestions?

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As far as I know, La Marzocco had their day in the spotlight. It's a good machine yes but it's way too expensive to maintain. We were discussing swapping for other equipment several years ago. And some of the parts on that device just make us scratch head and say - why should we pay $400 for a thermostat that most other manufacturers would use a standard one that only run $75? 

And I believe that's why our network been using Nuova for many years. It depends on the model you choose but our Nuova Simonelli Aurelia (specs) is easy to fix, parts seems to be cheaper and they are built like tanks. Our oldest one is almost 10 years old (~120-130 cups per day), so far so good.

So, back to the Keith's post, you must consider: y
our budget + your business model.

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