A little ridiculous, but I can't seem to figure out what size tamper I should buy for my GB5.  Also, any websites where I can get a nice tamper for cheap??  Thanks in advance!

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we use synesso 18g baskets in our gb5, and i bought a 57mm tamper - it was too small. try a 58mm, you should be ok. or have one machined to fit perfectly at your local machine shop!
ya on my gb5 i use the 58 mm , i try the 57 mm and did like it , found it to small.
Agree on the 58mm.  The cheapest decent tampers that I've found have been Rattleware...durable, decent feel, and they just don't give up.
Awesome thanks guys
I'm a big fan of the Cafelat tamper, the wood drop has been my daily driver for the last couple of months and its what I recommend for my local customers. The handle is much smaller than average, but it works well.
I will second the Cafelat for really good hand fit and feel, very snug fit it the basket, and an overal attractive look. another cosideration (or i guess its part of a good feel is the weight balance between the handle and the piston. a light weight handle is uncomfortable with a stainless steel piston as it moves the center of gravity outside of your hand. A good balance puts the center of gravity in you finger tips and make it a joy to use.

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