I am a Roaster Wholesaler - It is Farmers market season and it seems that a large number of my potential customers are asking for k cups. I understand the brewig process and the coffee available is terrible but are we missing out? Is there any way for a small roaster to package in k cups?

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Sell these!


Seriously - grab a bunch of those, package your coffee in pre-measured amounts (whole bean or ground, your choice), and offer them a much fresher and tastier alternative to pre-packaged, stale coffee. We had some customers who used Keurig machines, and they really appreciated us giving them this option. It's a little more work, but the coffee comes out SO much better.


Green Mountain, if I'm not mistaken, controls very strictly who can package in K-Cups. Good luck!

I as well have been doing some research into this process, unfortunately, Green Mountain owns the rights to the K-cup, you would probably have to pay them a large fee to use the rights to them, however in Dec of 2012 the rights they have expires, so look for a future into hitting this market then :-)

I really like Nathanael's Idea, what do you package them in?

look at the sell these that is what he is talking about and you just let them know that you can use any coffee.
Hi Tom :-)
I did click on that , and I do understand the concept , my question was he packages them in small amounts, was wondering about the packaging aspect.

Tom Mohr said:
look at the sell these that is what he is talking about and you just let them know that you can use any coffee.
We are going to offer Nathaniels suggestion, we will package .3 oz of fine ground coffee in small frac paks (2oz bags). Ill keep you posted as to how it goes. Thanks for the replys

Be careful with your pricing. It is very, very difficult--even impossible--to make money packaging such small amounts of coffee by hand, if you place any value on your own labor.



Just set up a customer who loves her Keurig because of the ease of use, buts hates the pre-packaged options with one of the re-useable grey dose-your-own cups and a Baratza Maestro Plus grinder that has the push button dosing.  Now she puts her beans of choice, currently some Stumptown SO, and holds button to grind only what is needed directly into the re-useable K-cup.  Works like a charm.
As mentioned by Keith E, using a Keurig and dose-your-own using a quality coffee, and the Baratza Vario, I get a quick good cup of coffee. Also, I have experienced three K cup brands with good quality and they suit my taste, but discarded about 12 other brands of K cups. I have a drip coffee maker I rarely use anymore for without enough time to use the La Marzocco and Mahlkonig K30 for a cappuccino I just use the Keurig.

Encourage them to buy your whole bean. They can buy a refillable K-cup and load it with YOUR coffee and still get the best fresh-roasted coffee while enjoying the convenience of the one cup brewer. They ARE becoming more and more popular.

There is probably someone out there who can process your coffee in K-cups. Perhaps even buy the reusable and offer them when you're selling your beans. So, if they have a Keurig brewer you have just armed them with what they need. You might want to play around first with what grind is best for it. Perhaps even package your coffee pre-ground in a smaller bag (say 4-8 ounces at a time) ground for the K-cup and sell it as a package with the reusable K-cup as a way to retain your customers.

Let me know if/how that works.

Of course, if they're buying fresh-roasted beans they probably have a decent grinder at home so you can leave your beans whole - thus preserving the freshness as long as possible.



green mountain did own the rights until sbux bought them. and i bet when buxy starts marketing them they'll become much more popular. i'm still a little if-y about hopping on the bandwagon tho.  dont know for sure but, it seems like quality would suffers greatly when you use k-cups. there alot of great ideas out there though.



It's a pretty clever idea, but then, so were Top Ramen packets.  Just depends on how you want to market yourself.

Top Ramen = Kcup


christopher myers said:



It's a pretty clever idea, but then, so were Top Ramen packets.  Just depends on how you want to market yourself.

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