Hi - I have a chance to sell coffee buy the cup at an event where the organizer wants 25% of the gross sales - never have done this so no clue - is 25% a standard amount or should I negotiate for a lower amount - any advise would be great! Thanks

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I think it would depend on the circumstance. Right away it would raise a red flag for me- honestly I don't think I'd do it unless he could guarantee me a certain number of attendees.... 25% would be essentially taking my profit. (Think paper products, condiments, travel expenses, labor etc.)
If you look at it as "advertising" or "exposure" then maybe...

Dont do it!!!

this is a total waist of your time and money!

i would conter offer with 5% of gross if sell are above 2000$ per day

or 25 % on sell after the first 2000$ per day!

I'll agree with the previous posters.  That is a pretty ridiculous deal.  You'd have to have super high margins to make anything.  Maybe 25 percent of net but still... Gotta watch out for crap like this.

Think of it in terms of rent. Are you willing to pay 25% in rent? I think not. Determine for yourself what you would be willing to pay in rent and negotiate from that perspective.


Good luck.

thanks much for the support - for events like this - what is more inline - 10%?  Maybe I'll just sell by the by the lb and sample & hand out tons of discount coupons for online purchases.

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