Is anyone aware of any cool 16 oz cups n saucers out there on the internet?

It seems to have become more or less not possible to find 16 oz cremaware goods anymore.


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As posted else where, is currently no longer having them manufactured. They were have quality issues and the manufacturer didn't want to fix the issue. ES is currently looking for new manufacturers but it will be many months out yet. 

Your best bet is to check out directy to see if they have anymore in stock. 

If not try or (I've never used the later but the site looks legit ;)

so i guess that means there's not really any hope of finding anything cool?

The 16oz ACF cups from are the only thing I'm finding.  My new shop (opened 4/2010), used the Cremaware series from Rattleware for in store service.  We are down to just 9 16 oz cups left, which means during the day, we run out at some point.  9 cups just isn't enough for a busy store, with that number dwindling almost weekly.


I was hoping would get something new organized, but they just haven't.  My hesitancy to switch to the ATF cups revolves largely around the 3-4x price increase over the old Rattleware cups.  I mean...that's not something easily absorbed given normal rates of breakage.  If I can't find a financially viable solution, I'll need to discontinue the large cups for in store use.

Yeah, but Steve, we all know the most recent run of RW cups sucked anyway.  Like pouring into eggshells...





It takes awhile but the quality is pretty good.

I'm not sure about "cool" but at my shop we had good success with Syracuse China cups/saucers, namely we use the 'Alatta' line of cafe' mugs and saucers.


They are durable and well styled. Comes in a really cool looking 3oz size for espresso that I would recommend as well. The 16oz was deep enough with a wide rim for pouring art, saucers were sturdy and did not break easily, not that I tried.


Try this link for a case, or talk to your restaurant supply store.

Syracuse Alatta

oh awesome.  i'd never seen those acf 16 ouncers before.  awesome!  thanks!  those cremawares were the worst at breaking constantly for sure.

The glass mugs don't have saucers and you can find similar styles for much cheaper elsewhere (like any restaurant supply store, or Target, or Walmart).


The Cremaware mugs from Espressoparts that you listed, firstly, suck.  That's what the whole beginning of this thread is about.  Secondly they are backordered, that's why this thread exists.



John Gibbons said:

We used once...and about 1/4 of our order broke(cracked) after being filled with hot water. Not going to use them again for sure.

I would recommend a taller cup for larger drinks. I love the Not Nuetral cups Intelli uses but when I was handed a 12 ounce wide mouth to drink my v60 from I found it to be one of the worst feeling mugs to drink brewed coffee from. I know they have a taller one I have seen...I would recommend ttaller over wide mouth cups.


For brewed coffee I really dig the diner style mugs.  I know they are pretty overplayed, but I still love them.  Especially those ones that Stumptown has that are practically 1/2" thick.



I'd just'll find exactly what you're looking for. 


I actually found glass cap tulip mugs (6oz) pumped. 

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