Lately I've been making drinks that are half latte and half americano. My customers love it because they can really taste the coffee yet have the richness of a latte AND it's lower in calories, which some of my customers like. I'd really like to add it as a regular on my menu.


I was first introduced to this drink in Spokane, WA and they called it a diet latte. I don't like that name. Is there a real name for this drink? If not, does anyone have any suggestions for a name?


Thanks and much appreciated.


Jo  :-}

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I have called it an "Americano Au Lait" pretty straight forward if you serve Cafe Au Lait....
Starbucks stylee: Americano Misto. We're talking like a half full americano topped up with steamed milk right?
misto means half steamed milk.....its quite common in any coffee house.
Actually misto means mixed not milk (steamed or otherwise) in Spanish/Portugese. Apparently rather than using the French au lait terminology (which is coffeehouse common terminology usage for mixed half coffee half steamed milk, not misto) Charbucks again bastardizes and makes up meanings for words, to go with their made up beverage size names of course. So if it is seems some locales as common coffeehouse usage, which misto is not these neck of the woods, then it's because those Indies are just being Charbucks clones.

Andrew Thom said:
misto means half steamed milk.....its quite common in any coffee house.
How 'bout "Latticano".
i beg to differ as the term misto is widely used at most reputable coffee house in an around the vancouver area and even the few quality spots ive seen in ontario. however , i was incorrect about the literal definition but was more so going for explaining what it is interpreted as when ordered as such.
i have seen au lait used in montreal houses...which well, is quite suiting to the area.
Au Latte? Simplicity is best. That's my vote.
We call it an "americano au lait"...
success! americano au lait or american misto!
What do you think about the name "Espresso Mistura"? Mistura is italian for mixture.

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