Any cold coffee beverages being made that your excited about? Anything other than the usual iced latte, and iced coffee.(unless theres a twist) I recently read something about someone adding a little lemon juice to an iced americano. Anyone try that before?

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Did you try chilling it first in a cocktail shaker with ice?  Hot liquid with CO2 plus cold liquid with dissolved CO2 = coffee volcano glass of good clean fun.

Todd Campbell said:
Having the same problems, ricky!

that's ma boy

Cedric said:

One that I like making for myself (more of an aquired taste) is pouring san pelligrino limonata into a 12oz cup with ice and then slowly drizzlinig espresso on top.  A different twist to the sparkling americano.
Sparkling iced coffee sounds like heaven.
So you actually use carbonated water to brew the coffee? How long do you brew it for? Also is it still fizzy when you serve it?

Ricky Sutton said:

Jason nailed it. I use toddy concentrate at the same ratio that I would normally mix with water to make iced coffee, but instead I mix it with carbonated water. I use Mineragua because it's super carbonated and super salty, both of which are needed for this soda. Then slightly more simple syrup than you would normally add to your drink size. It was inspired by an espresso soda that Trader Joe's used to sell but discontinued.


While on the topic, how is everyone making sparkling americano's? Every time I try this, I end up with lots of bitter foam. The espresso upsets the carbonated water too much. I've even made shakerato's and added them to sparkling water, so the espresso was cold when combined with the same results. Any suggestions?

LOVE making Caffe Shakeratos and Affogatos

dustin, i like to keep it simple with iced coffee, or i should say, iced espresso and simply adding a lemon twist after twisting it and running the exterior of the peel against the rim of the glass.  it offers just enough lemon to zest it up a bit, and neutralizes against any potential acidity.  happy brewing!



I'm a big fan of pepsi and espresso, I've given it to people with a scoop of a good vanilla icecream too. Either way their enjoyable

ok im haveing problems with all the names and what they relate too

 with posts like this and what a piccalo ect is any chance for a cheat sheet?


also ate you making this drink with a shop where the tamper bean over pressed then adding tonic water and lemon ?

thank you kacie

Zayde Naquib said:

LOVE making Caffe Shakeratos and Affogatos
I occasionally go for a mazagran, which is a Portuguese drink that consists of espresso and lemon juice over ice, sometimes with a little sugar. Vietnamese Iced Coffee is fun, as much as I generally prefer espresso drinks.  It's strong French roast coffee (preferably brewed in a French press) poured over a small layer of sweetened condensed milk.

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