I believe all of you are expert in roasting coffee and passionate about coffee. Im a newbie and really want to learn about roasting. But its a bit confusing how to make a first step, how to do it, or what kind of ability should I learn? Thanks before...

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Single best resource for learning to roast: www.sweetmarias.com
I concur. Sweet Marias has a wealth of info on roasting. Also, check out any of the other sites dedicated to home roasters. Other than that, --as the commercial says " JUST DO IT ".
You can also check out the Roaster's Guild. See if you have a roaster in your area and ask them if you can hang out a bit. Read. Read. Read.
2 good books by Kenneth Davids on roasting http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-... are a great resource.

I would recommend just starting it over the stove with a whirley pop, and learn the nuances of the roast. It's the mose inexpensive way to start.
I believe Dietrich coffee roasters offers a free two day roasting workshop in Idaho. There are also a lot of good roasting workshops at the coffee trade shows.

When I started I just went out and bought a 6 pound roasted and started roasting. Coffee was very bad for a few months, people still bought it. I befriended a large local roasting company that had a go reputation. Asked if I could buy small batches of green beans. I had a very limited budget. I would buy 10 pounds at a time. When I pick up I would hang out with the roaster ask him about everything and watch him roast. Eventually I got good. The thing I would recommend to start out. Don't buy a roaster that is to big. Get a 8 to 15 pound roaster. It is a lot easier to roast in full batches than try to roast ten pounds in a 50 pound roaster and you don't want 50 pounds of coffee sitting around when your not selling that much. Also if you make a mistake less lose. I personal like Primo Roasters. Keep the roaster clean. Roasting profiles will change at coffee goo builds up inside the roaster.


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