Hi All, I'd like to try my hand at home roasting, so I thought I'd start small with a popcorn popper. Anyone know of a good one to use for coffee?






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Gotcha, batch size seems to be an issue for a lot of home roasters. Though I was looking for a roaster that could do smaller batches myself. Maybe a heat gun/bread maker would be a good next step for you when your ready. The batch size is high, and from what i read you can get pretty good results. And thanks for clarifying about enjoying full city coffee in general.

I have a roaster made from a modified Stir Crazy popcorn popper and a convection oven. 

It works awesome, and can roast about 1 lb at a time, and it's not too bad on mess.  Total investment: ~$60

These sites have enough info to get started:

Turbo Crazy #1

Turbo Crazy #2

Cool links, any video of your roaster in action?

Not yet.  I'm picking up a sack of beans today, I'll post a video and some of my own pics this evening.

I bet it looks just like this: 

A video I took a few years ago.  

cool video Jason, thanks for posting it. Maybe if farmroast is around he post a video of his too, I've been wanting to see his in action for a while.

I've yet to do a video of my roaster in action. Guess it's time. Will try to do one over the holidays. Here is a link to my blog with pics and descriptions of the Dreamroast roaster as well as the first breadmachine/turbo top one that started me in this direction. Other than the ability to monitor and control temps, agitation is the biggest issue with many home roasters. Without good agitation you end up with a melange roast that will diminish the specific qualities that can be found with the right profile and even roasting.


Cool farm, I'm excited for the video. Ive wondered about the agitation on stir crazy. I've checked out your blog, its cool.

The great thing about home roasting is that you can get it to where you like it best! This is now my preferred option.

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