Hey BX'ers,  I was just wondering what your home coffee set up was like?  Do you have a full set up in your kitchen, or do you wait until you go to your shop?  Pictures would be a definite plus.  Now is your time to show off!

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oooooo I get to be the first person to answer this?? I feel so lucky ;)

I'm a dedicated french-presser, with a Bodum 2-cup press and a World Market cheap-wonder that will do about 32oz at a time.

Bodum Antigua burr grinder

water filtered through one of those standard Brita pitchers and heated in a tea kettle.

simple but delicious ;)
My home setup is very simple, but effective... I have a 33 year old Olympia Cremina lever machine paired with a 50+ year old KyM Turkish style copper hand mill. Purely a hands-on setup and is very capable of producing some righteous extractions on any given day.
i've never needed coffee to wake up, so i wait till i get to my shop :P
8 cup chemex
an assortment of french presses
cuisinart burr grinder

1973 La Pavoni Europiccola (lever)
reg barber copper tamp
Mazzer Mini
Pictures anyone?!

My set up is a delonghi espresso machine (its not the best, but it pulls shots with 9 bars, and it usually takes 28-30 seconds for a shot..and they taste pretty good, but defiantly not the best, its what i can afford right now)

stainless steel tamp and frothing pitcher.

A 12 oz and 32 oz French Press

A vacpot

A gene cafe roaster (on loan from Trevor Hall from Coulee Coffee)

and i'm about to get a pour over (still deciding between a hario v60 and a chemex)
We've got a Nesco roaster (inexpensive but really works well!) that makes about 12oz of beans at a time, rotating in the roasts as they are just finished off-gassing. Ground in an antique wood hand grinder with a pretty course grind then brewed in a french press.
Used to have a plumbed in, single group Astoria AEP and mazzer mini but didn't use it enough at home to justify keeping the machine on all the time and it was too hard on the machine to be turning it on and off multiple times a week. So now it's at the shop! Sorry, no pics! But if you are interested in the roaster, check it out at Sweet marias.
Tons of pics on the thread that already addressed this topic

10 cup Chemex, 32oz. French Press, Cuisinart Burr Grinder (one of the best burr grinders for home use in my opinion). Gallon spring water heated in stove pot
I also have a Saeco Incanto espresso machine, but hardly use it.
Thanks for referring me to the existing thread!
I will be sure to search next time before posting.

Kevin Ayers said:
Tons of pics on the thread that already addressed this topic

How does one add pictures on this forum?
5 cup siphon, Technivorm, MyPressi Twist, simple cuisinart burr grinder (my next upgrade!). Love my Technivorm!

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