I'm in Paris on business for the next two weeks.  From the looks of things it's going to be a long two weeks from a coffee perspective.  Does anyone know where to find decent coffee in the Colombes area and in Paris proper?

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I don't know about any 3rd wavy places in Paris. But my rule for morning coffee in the city of light is find the neighborhood cafe that's open in the morning with plenty of people at the bar. Coffee at the bar is cheaper than sitting down on the sidewalk. Last August my wife and I found and amazing place a few blocks from Blvd. Montparnasse where an espresso was still just one Euro.

My advice: look for a good machine, strong morning coffee business, and take it at the bar and you should be fine.
Probably the best coffee is in Le Marais at Solunas Cafe


I go whenever I'm in Paris, but they are closed on Mondays.
I will recommend the Marais in general. It's a great part of Paris that often doesn't feel like the rest of Paris. Go to Chez Maryam for excellent mezze and/or take out sandwiches.
Good coffee is hard to find in Paris. Much easier to find a good cafe....

Here is the ultimate list:

Cafés Verlet—256 Rue Saint-Honoré
LapeyRonie—3 Rue Brantôme
Soluna Cafés—52 Rue de l’Hôtel de Ville (mentioned already)

Unfortunately, these are not in the tourist areas...

Don't force it, just have fun and lots of wine and cheese : -)

Eyal / ROASTe.com
Thanks everyone for your help! I visited Soluna Cafes several times. Gloria and company were great! Pic attached. I'm the tourist-y looking guy on the left.

By the way, my two week trip to Paris has turned into a month long journey around Europe. I've been in Paris, London, Rotterdam, and now in Murcia. I took some time in London to visit Gwilym Davies at his cart at The Present as well as several shops on his disloyalty card.

Before I leave Europe I'm meeting my wife in Paris for a week of vacation. We're gonna try to hit the other shops that you guys suggested.

Thanks again!

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