Can anyone recommend any shops in Charlotte or Asheville, NC?

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The "promising newcomer" is Mugs... also a Counter Culture shop. Again, haven't been (still?).


Sorry to hear that your espresso experience was disappointing here in CLT. We'll have to work on that!


PS... won't be on bar tomorrow am, heading west to fix stuff. Not so many bar shifts these days :(. Hope you enjoy your experience if you stop in though.

That's a great cafe you have going on over there at Coffee Garden. Good espresso and also a quality job on the buildout of the place. Charlotte has really grown on me over these past two visits and have decided to move down here next month from Pittsburgh.

Outstanding! Looking forward to seeing you down here.


Glad you enjoyed your visit to the shop. Honestly, I was a little worried about how your espresso was going to be. We're in that time of year where espresso demand is ramping up quickly, and it seems like we're frequently using it a couple of days earlier than we'd prefer. Makes things interesting... Thanks for the compliment!

Checked out Mugs a couple times over the past few days as I headed Uptown.  Nice location and espresso was good 2 out of 3 times so far.  They had two coffees available when I picked some whole beans, mocha java blend and their house blend which the barista stated was a darker roast.  Don't think CC offers a dark roast, unless they do it on request.   Possibly it is a lower acidity and heavier bodied coffee, and he just uses the term Dark Roast to please the Charbucks folks.   One thing that got me, the espresso was automatically served in a  12 oz to go cup.  ?????  Why in the world would you do that?  

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