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Perhaps this discussion has taken place before, and if so, I apologize.. but I was wondering: Have any of you had discussions with customers about flavor notes when they are having a cappuccino or latte? I know that the discussion is often part of the experience when ordering an espresso, but I would imagine that cap and latte drinkers are looking for something else. I myself have never had this discussion with this type.

If not, what specific compliments and do you get for your excellent lattes? I once got the word "seamless" which I find interesting. /zev

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I have talked to baristas at Espresso Vivace in Seattle about the 3 coffee blends they have available. 1 is decaf of course, then the other 2 are different blends depending on if you want a balanced espresso or americano, vs a latte. The latte blend (I believe its Espresso Vita) is a little darker to cut through the creamy milk. The baristas there are great at volunteering answers to every question, but not taking you too far down the rabbit-hole into nerdom.

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