I had a customer from Tazmania come in and asked for a drink called a "flat white" we weren't quite sure what it was I was supposed to make...I made an Au'lait..wasn't quite it. Does anyone know what a flat white is?
Do you have any other fun/secret dink names? I also just heard of a breve being called "breast milk" at a cafe where only people "in the know" know to order it that way. interesting...

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miKe mcKoffee aka Mike McGinness said:
Flat white? Here's Bry sipping a flat white, don't get much flatter! :-)

You guys just aren't right...
Sanity is highly over rated:-)

Brady said:
miKe mcKoffee aka Mike McGinness said:
Flat white? Here's Bry sipping a flat white, don't get much flatter! :-)

You guys just aren't right...
I like it, in these times of increased staff efficiency it saves washing the cup!

miKe mcKoffee aka Mike McGinness said:
Sanity is highly over rated:-)

Brady said:
miKe mcKoffee aka Mike McGinness said:
Flat white? Here's Bry sipping a flat white, don't get much flatter! :-)

You guys just aren't right...
Haha... had no idea this would end up on here. Good times for sure, last night was a riot :0)
Flat White = small no foam latte. I wish I had one right now!
flat white should have creamy texture,all the way, which means that milk and coffee is blended nicely.
if you drink all crema with a first sip, then you made very poor flat white.
sad, but true. :)
Hm...dont agree with this. there is only a good, and a bad flat white coffee...no other interpretation. :)
...and, no again...in New Zealand very rearly you will find coffee shop which make's flat white other way than it should be made.
Live there, and know what Im talking about.

Pangi said:
True, the Flat White is open to interpretation but this is no differrent from any other drink.....

There are as a result always going to be differences in the way that drinks are served depending on culture and context. This is even the case in the small country of Aotearoa/NZ where the term Flat White can vary from town to town, cafe to cafe. Sometimes it is synonomous with a latte.

In my experience the cafes that know what they're on about, who seek excellence and professionalism tend to have the same drink which is not a latte. It's a double shot in a 150ml cup with silkily textured microfoam making for an integrated (almost foamless) drink.....hence the term flat ie-the top is flat because of the lack of a significant head of foam.
Hi Sandra,

I'm interested to know exactly is "the way they should be made"? You offer only a general reference to the blending of espresso and milk.......
Hi Panqi,

there is a certain way of making a real flat white coffee, that is teaching you in a barista school:
the way coffee is ecstracted, milk is made: texture, temperature...way you should pour milk in a cup...
it's true that many "barista's" are not folowing that, but making it there own way, wich is wrong.
Im always saying this : there are a standards about making a flat white (or any other coffee).
for me, that is a beauty of good coffee...you can drink it any were, but still get the same quallity that you pay for.
I am Australian, born, bred, live and make coffee every day here. The cappucino, flat white and latte are the three most commonly ordered coffees. These three styles, when using cups/glasses of equal size, contain the same amount of coffee and milk (typically a single shot per 8oz volume). The only variance is the coffee:milk:foam ratio.
Most of you have got it right, and if you order a flat white anywhere in Australia you will get a very flat latte - simply put. I will attach a photo of my flat white here; as you can see, you can pour art (not the best rosetta) but you must ensure that there is no more than about 1cm of foam (best to pour this coffee using the last bit of milk left in the jug).
Happy flat-whiting!

Hey Victoria,

Kia ora, I'm just about to watch Ozzie play USA in a friendly football game, go Socceroos!
I can't claim the privilege of being born in Aussie, but I was born and bred on coffee in Aotearoa/NZ.

A decent and correctly made flat white in Wellington is:
-double shot of espresso
-served in a 150ml cup
-as you mention, the microfoam is flatter and blended throughout.

This Kiwi(perhaps specifically Wellingtonian) Flat White makes for a higher ratio of espresso:milk due to the presence of a double shot and the use of a significantly (100ml) smaller cup.

Your comments highlight my point that the Flat White (as all other drinks) is made differently depending on country, city and especially cafe. Many cafes do not do it the right way, (from a Wellingtonian/New Zealand perspective) instead opting for a flat version of a latte a latte-sized cup.

If you survey 10 cafes truly dedicated to quality and excellence in the Wellington area you'll most probably find that this is the way it's served.
Thanks Pangi, I look forward to experiencing the flat white in NZ! I suppose because most cafes here serve flat whites in a pretty consistent way I didn't expect there to be too much variation (although I am aware that in America you get strange looks when ordering a flat white or long black.. some say it's politically incorrect!). =)

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