Hello everyone,

I'm going on roast #11 with my behmor; so far it's been a really positive experience. However, in most everything I've read the first crack is supposed to last 1-1:30, and the vast majority of my roasts don't seem to match up to that. Instead, my first crack seems to be lasting 2-2:30. I generally use P3-C, and am generally happy with my results- just curious as to why my timing seems to be so off.

Any thoughts?

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Awesome! Glad home roasting has been a positive experience for you! Dont worry about crack lengths, they will always be different depending on a bunch of different factors. Mine vary from one minute to 2 plus mins.

I agree with Dustin, I have been home roasting for about a year now and getting the 1 to 2+ min as well, different beans etc. Also very glad you are having a positive experience as well... so much fun and so much to learn and enjoy!

Mine are usually around 2:30 or so as well.  I agree with the others - don't worry about it and have fun!

You can always try varying your batch size.  On my Behmor I've dropped down to 1/3, or even 1/4, pound batches and feel it resolves most of the roast issues I had at larger batches.  I'll hit my first crack at 8min +/- 30sec, finishing in about 1min.

I've recently started roasting with the Behmor, also. I have noticed that if I roast over 1/2 lb. of beans at one time, the first crack can last from 1:30-2:00 or even up to 3:00 depending on the profile and batch size. Frankly, I've considered that longer first crack a gift compared the popcorn poppers which were a bit too quick going through first crack.I actually get to experience first crack now!

If you've been using P3, have you tried using the time profile A instead of C? Then you can add the time to the end of the roast while ramping up the temps a bit earlier in your roast. Maybe that would help shorten the first crack duration? Kevin also made a good point. Keeping the batch size down is a good idea, especially if you intend to go closer to second crack.

Thanks for all the responses guys.
When I started with the Behmor 1/4 lb was my default. As time has gone on I've moved up in increments, 1/2 lb being my favorite so far. I just figured that I should utilize the Behmors 1lb capability, however it has become apparent that the roast is noticeably different with a full lb (not necessarily worse, just different). I should probably start playing with different profiles a bit more, I've primarily used P1-A/B and P3-C. Just got stuck on P3-C after it produced a superb batch :p

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