Im just curious... Baristella? Monin? 1883? What are your favorite flavors and brands?

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I think Monin is the best, although I like Stirling alot, I can't get from a local vendor. DaVinci is probably the best quality for the price.
I've done blind taste testing on Monin, Da Vinci and Stirling and Monin won hands down on every flavor excpet Caramel.
But Monin is my syrup brand of choice - even though I never put any flavor in any of my drinks, personally.
kyle said:
i think its awesome that Monin has a Cappuccino flavored syrup so i am choosing them....

we use 1883... i'm personally not really into flavored drinks, but their macadamia nut syrup is pretty rad. they also have a butt load of lesser known flavors that can be used in teas and italian sodas (like lavender, violet and anise seed).

i dig it.
Fabbri, the Italian maker of syrups based in Bologna make great quality! When you try the orange flavor it is so fresh and real to your taste buds...MMM
Torani Blood orange. sweet and tart great for hot days mixed with soda or cold water. Torani choc sauce for mokas. There other good chocolate sauces that might be a little better, but for the price Torani all the way. I think I like Torani so much is because they originated flavored drink syrups over a 100 years ago. Everyone else is a copycat jumping in to the hot coffee market to make a buck. Torani does it for passion.
I think Monin has great flavor for syrup. I don't personally use it, but lavender offers a really unique flavor to coffee.
Monin, hands down. It is pure, you use less syrup to obtain a better flavor. ALL of my customers comment on it and I have even turned my boyfriend's son into a syrup snob (coffee snob too). Tough to do with a 17 year old boy... :)
i'd do away with everything except fine ground chocolate powder if i had my druthers. i'm not running a sno-cone stand
We use DaVinci at our shop, not my choice but I'm happy with them for now. They have a root beer flavor that is probably the grossest thing i've ever put in a latte.
i really liked Oscar's until they stopped making it. We use monin for everything but mocha and white mocha. we use "gosh that's good" for those and the SF varieties. great stuff.
Bam Bam said:
I thought that was so funny I looked for it on the Monin website - didn't find it, but found Espresso-flavored syrup. Less funny but also kind of funny: Almond Mocha. I'm sure these aren't meant for coffee drinks, but I hope someone out there is slinging some kind of venti monstrosity laced with 12 pumps of Almond Mocha. :)

Kyle Salmi said:
i think its awesome that Monin has a Cappuccino flavored syrup so i am choosing them. "could i get an pump of Cappuccino in my latte?" right now we use Omanhene chocolate, but next week it will be a scharffen berger ganache....

I will say that the "Toasted Almond Mocha" is a decent syrup... far better almond flavor than their "Almond", strangely enough. Not sure what the "Mocha" part of that is supposed to indicate, since there doesn't appear to be any chocolate present. Good, but still doesn't make my short list: Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate, Hazelnut.

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