We opened Fairly Grounded in September of 2008.  Since then it has become a true neighborhood cafe.  We offer a small breakfast, lunch and snack menu (including our own homemade soups)  and we serve Water Ave Coffee using the pour over method and our FB80 La Marzocco.  The nicest thing about the cafe is that we have added additional space, and are having events now.  We have a harpist group who come in to play once or twice per month, and several groups have their regular weekly or monthly meetings there.  We offer free Wi Fi as well.  We have three aquariums now:  The seahorse tank, an Amazon Discus fish tank, and an African Cichlid Tank. 

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Congrats Julie, I hope to come check out your shop someday soon!!
Best wishes for success with your coffee shop!

If you do not mind me asking, what type of program are you using to sell retail, whole bean coffee, that is working for you? Care to share? Done well, I know it can add a Fairlly good increase in volume 8-)
Congrats on the Best of!
hi sir or madam i look for a job in america but i m staying in south africa and i m barista and good this is my e-mail addres thabangtshbll@yahoo.com
Yay! Hope all goes well. (nice addition with the seahorse tank! How fun!)
I'll be in Reno this month and cant wait to check out the cafe.

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