I'm thinking about "getting in bed" with a local eye doctor. I sat down with him and I discussed some options. They want to put our coffee in their waiting area, and have it complimentary for their patients. The three options we discussed where:

Coffee delivery. Every day or chosen day/s per week, we would deliver carafes of coffee. The price would be a discount on our regular price + travel expense. We would likely bill them weekly for this service. I don't like it because there could be a lot of waste on their end. Or it could mean I run too many trips back and forth. It doesn't seem like it would last long before one of us would have to say no more.

Equipment rental. This is where I would provide them a commercial coffee brewer, and either include an amount of coffee with the rental, just charge them the rental. Either way, it would be exclusivity to just our coffee. I've never done equip rentals before. But I think the rental would include filters, cleaning, and maintenance. I would have to write up a leasing contract for this one, and I would have to file taxes a bit differently. I like this idea, because I can stimulate more cash flow, the eye doctor will make much better coffee, and we get to interact more frequently with them. Coffee would be delivered weekly. I have no idea how to price out equipment rentals. I could really use some advice on this one. Also, should I include coffee in rental price? I think because of the ever changing coffee prices it would be better not to. 

Wholesale. This would be by far the easiest. We would charge them per pound, or 5 pound bag depending on their projected volume. I would give them a different price then the usual retail price because they would be in exclusivity with us, and locked in on a monthly/or annual contract. They would use their own brewing equipment. 

These are the things they set up for us, and we for them. Names of companies are deleted for confidentiality:

-Exclusively our coffee will ONLY be served in Ceramic mugs from our shop with logo.
-Coffee station provided for patients in waiting area.
-our napkins to be used only in eye doctor
-We will hang promotional material letting patients know complimentary coffee is from our coffee and place advertising material of our coffee at front desk window, waiting area, and coffee station, and all eye doctor social media outlets (Facebook, twitter, web page, Pinterest, Google+) (you can design).
-our coffee logo indicating coffee will be added to all exam room screen saver promotional reel, total of 8 screens.
-open to any additional ideas you came up with?
Eye company
-Providing you coffee sleeves with our advertising on them.
-Display in communal area with product display/promotional material.
-Would you be open to a few small tri-fold advertising displays for the tables?  I can send you the design for approval and suggestions if you are OK with that idea.  
-Employees of our coffee would receive 15% off frames in addition to any insurance (would just need a list of current employees from you).
-Me (Owner) would receive frames & lenses at eye doctor Cost per each year of agreement.
-our coffee would also agree to social media partnership as well (Facebook, twitter, web page, Pinterest, Google+) 
We would ask that you agree to an exclusively agreement with the eye doctor not to enter into any additional arrangements with business in the eye care industry.  This agreement would be reciprocal for the eye doctor as well for any of your competitors.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Update. The deal went through! This is what we decided on. 

Duel advertising. I put his name on my coffee sleeves. Not an original idea, but still a good one. Split cost on sleeves. 9 bucks less than I payed before per case of sleeves. Totally worth it. I also put a display out for his new products. What he gets is no less than 25% off coffee, a dozen daily grind diner mugs for his shop with logo's pasted all over his store, screen savers, what not. And he sells my mugs if someone buys.

I bought and sold to him at cost a CW-15 Bunn Pour Over. Provide him supplies, service, and coffee for a fee. I sell consistent coffee. We trade in social media marketing as well.

We also get 20% off on everything they do there. Eye exams, contact fittings, contacts, glasses, sunglasses. The works. That's the employee deal. Owner deal (me) is a free eye exam annually, and annual glasses at their cost (300% discount). 

It's a small venture. Creates good relationship with small businesses. 1 of these doesn't provide much income. But if I say have 5 of them, or 10? So, based on the success of this venture I may push forward to getting a like deal for others.


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