Quick survey of BX'ers.


I am looking to see about how many businesses pay their employees benefits and if so, what are they?  (Insurance, PTO, Sick...)


Realizing people probably don't want some of this personal information out there, I put together an anonymous surveymonkey.com survey.  It only has 5 questions and all input is anonymous and will take 2-3 minutes max.  


As I know many of you are probably interested in the results, I will be happy to post them in a few weeks if people participate.


Survey Link Click HERE


Thanks so much!

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If you comment on the post you will get notified when the results are posted too.
Had a few people take the survey, please help me out. It is fast and I will share the results.  Are you making a fair wage?

I have gotten 11 replies to the survey and the results thus far are surprising.  I would love a larger sample of barista's to weigh in.  Please take 2 minutes right now, results will be posted for all to see. 


Click Here to Take Survey!

thanks, going to the monkey right now!



the coffee hound

This should be interesting...

We have 21 replies so far to the survey.  It would be great to gather more.  Again, results will be posted.  Curious what others make in the industry?  Curious about benefits?  Contribute and find out.


Wage and Benefit Survey Link

I would love to see the results of this survey!  Great questions!
I am very interested in the results of this...
33 replies and counting.  The more input the more useful the results for everyone.  Keep em coming!  Thanks!
The survey is a great idea, Keith!
One last request for folks to contribute, have well over 40 so far.  The more people who give input, the more useful it is for everyone!

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