I found a couple old posts regarding this but kinda wanted to poll everyone. How is everyone making their egg sandwiches. Microwave, griddle, cooked to order, precooked, etc.


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We have a regular restaurant permit from the Department of Health.

Our eggs (and everything else) is cooked to order. If they can't wait 3-4 minutes for an egg sandwich, I suggest that they go to McD's which is 12 miles away.


Ron, the Country Guy


(typo correction)

We cook are eggs to order and we use fresh eggs.
Do you use any type of special pan? Do you use regular eggs or the liquid egg stuff?
We purchased a flat grill at a wholesale supply house for about $200.00 We also purchased egg rings we heat bacon sausage or ham and crack and cook the egg with butter. We are known in town for our coffee of course but also breakfast sandwiches that put mcdonalds to shame.
Chris said:
Do you use any type of special pan? Do you use regular eggs or the liquid egg stuff?
We bake our eggs in the oven.  We don't have the ventilation system required for a stovetop or grill.  We simply put liquid eggs into a cake pan, bake for 10 minutes or so, then cut into squares. Baked fresh every morning. People LOVE them!  At first we used the frozen egg pucks through our food distributor, I do not recommend! 

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