anyone know where i can find nice drip stations and the actual drip cone makers? i liked the harios but don't seem to be easily available.


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Check out

Nice stuff. Been using them for several months now.
I was going to make a comment about how expensive they seem for the relatively simple function (unless of course there are features that harness relevent fluids engineering principles that I am not aware of). ...Though I don't know if I'd be so inclined to build one from an erector set haha.

Is there something I'm missing in the value of the more expensive drip stations?

Ricky Sutton said:
The actual stations are needlessly expensive. Just build something. All it needs to do is hold the cones of your choice at the height and width apart that you prefer, and have something to catch drips at the bottom. You could very easily make one out of wood/metal pipes/pvc pipes/erector set/whatever.

As far as what ceramics to use, Hario and Melitta seem to be the most popular. Chack out the "clever coffee brewer" before you make any decisions though.
I think value is relative.

The TruBru is cheaper than the alternatives. It is also smaller and more streamlined. I prefer its' lower profile and the stainless material means easier maintenance (sort of).

What I like about it is that its simple. Just pull it out of the box, remove the wrapper and you're ready to go. I don't have to measure, figure out a design that I like and find a craftsperson to do the work and build the unit. Certainly, one can make a brew station out of any number of materials, but if it's not that paramount to you, then the cost is worth it.

We currently have two 2-cup TruBru pourovers and I'm seriously thinking about buying a third for our lab because I think it's quite reasonably priced.
They are expensive because they are probably not sold in significant volume to get them manufactured for less than "custom" prices. I would bet that if you put a realistic value on your time that with time plus raw materials you can't build one for all that much less than what TruBru charges. For our next shop we will have channels and drains molded right into the counter top and are going to have the drip station built out of some kind of nice hardwood. I think it will look pretty slick.


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