Hi there!


I'm new to the group here and looking to meet other Nespresso users :)


Which espresso machine do you guys own and would love to hear your favorite types of pods and recipes.



Julia Clayman

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You probably will not find another single fan of Nespresso on this site.  It is a product that does not promote coffee making as a craft, but instead as a caffeine delivery system.


As a generality, professional baristas try to promote coffee as culinary.  Coming to a site that is dedicated to the craft of baristas and the sect of the industry that they try to influence while talking about and promoting a product that most of us either sigh or laugh about is probably not the smartest.



Hey Julia - Welcome!  Do you know anyone at Eye Site Media?



I own a Fiorenzato Bricoletta espresso machine and travel machine Rancilio Audrey and use a real grinder with great bean at home. And we own three La Marzocco's at our coffeehouses and have a Brasilio Portofinio for catering and events. And 13 or 14 Mazzer grinders. Nope, not a pod in sight. Our Coffee is Culinary.


Saw a pod of dolphins once, pretty cool. Actually tried a Nespresso pod shot once, didn't die, pretty cool too.


Might as well go on a serious bbq site and talk about putting a pork butt in the oven. Or through that fillet in the nuker, yeah that's the ticket.


You're in the wrong place to discuss a Nespresso pod machine, or any pod machine sorry.

I had a pod of Starbucks coffee in a hotel once.  The heating element was more powerful than I had expected out of such a small plastic machine.  It still tasted like pre-ground though, especially when it cooled down to a drinkable temperature.  

The finished cup had a lot of fines, which I almost enjoyed texturally as a distraction from the taste.  I wonder if the paper used in the pods has a coarser grain than most drip filters. 

Hi Julia,


Although I have no experience with Nespresso other than just trying it, I would like to know your feedback on it. Your thoughts on taste and experience as a whole. I would love for you, if you have not already, try a hand crafted coffee and compare and share your thoughts. My guess is you will find a remarkable difference which may stir a passion in you to go in that direction as well. Sometimes, that's how it starts for dedicated, passionate baristas and coffee proffessionals alike, such as the ones on this forum. Myself included.

Either way, good luck!



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