I'm starting a new coffee shop and I was wondering what everyone does in their shop.  Do you use custom java jackets with your logo, stamp the java jackets yourself, or just stamp the cups?  We are a small shop and it is cost prohibitive to get the customized cups with our logo printed on them.  Thanks in advance for your input.

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Hi, we started in the same position as you. It is quite expensive to get customized cups or jackets. We stamp them on ourselves. It just takes a few minutes each day during the quieter periods. Looks good as well. Hope it helps.

Thanks for your reply Dav:)

Hey. We also got a custom made stamp for our cups. We got ours from Espresso Parts. It was really reasonably priced and we received it quickly. It takes a few minutes to stamp them, but it beats the cost of custom printed cups or sleeves.

hey cameron,

nice logo by the way. it'll look killer on a stamp! we use kraft sleeves and stamp our logo on it. this helps barista stay active during our slow times and it saves some coin.

Hey Patrick!!  Thanks for the tip.  Looks like the Barista Throwdown was a huge success.  If you don't mind me asking, where did you get your stamp?

we got ours from espresso parts. they had a quick turnaround as well!

Thanks Patrick, I'll check that out.

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