First things first, there is no Cuban coffee in the US market.

In fact, the last time I was in Cuba, I was told that the coffee most available came from Bulgaria...??? No negative here, just clarifying.

When one of my brothers from Cuba visited our farm here, he was gaga with the specialty coffee varieties that he told me did not exist in Cuba. In fact, I estimate that very little coffee is produced in Cuba nowadays.

Recently, I finally encountered "Cuban coffee" from some outfit in Florida. I noticed that the beans are glazed with...sugar cane juice or some such, and aromatized! No origin is given for the coffee.

Let's see, when I was a kid in my mother's farm in Cuba, we picked it, dried it "natural", and my mother would roast it dark with a handful of brown sugar to caramelize it at the very end of the process. Now, THAT WAS CUBAN COFFEE!

I drank it again the last time I was there, FROM THE LITTLE BIT THAT MY OLDER BROTHER WAS ABLE TO KEEP FOR HIMSELF from his own farm! It was good, but it did not achieve the cup excellence of the one we produce here in consistently lower temperatures. The higher levels of Cuba's high peeks should give great coffee.

We produce the"other great American coffee" (, but we pay US wages/benefits.

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