hit me up with some feedback, i'm trying to perfect it before we talk to the printer

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Nice approach IMHO! Kind of reminds me of the food group pyramid back in school, but in a good way. Easy to digest your menu at a quick glance and not overdone with alot of info jumbled together.


On a similar note, we have started targeting a different geographical area/customer base with our business, as we are mobile, and most of these people think specialty coffee is what they get at McDonalds, Dunkin' Donuts, etc. My wife tries to explain the difference(s) between what we do when compared to what they're used to drinking. Saying things like "we don't add a bunch of artificial flavor, excessive sugar..." I told her to use one word/phrase to sum it up by simply saying that "we don't BASTARDIZE what specialty coffee has to offer." I don't mind making any drink concoction a customer wants provided we have the ingredients onhand, but it does get old trying to duplicate what they are used to buying elsewhere.

This menu is fantastic. Clear, clean, and striking.


I notice that there is no reference at all to size on here. Trying to start a little conversation on the subject?


Oh, but wouldn't it be Cappuccino Tradizionale?


Nice work.

yeah it perhaps should be cappuccino tradizionale. i might swap that.


there's no reference to size because we don't have different ones per drink - the tradizionale is a six ounce single, the latte is a twelve ounce double, etc. our current menu doesn't show sizes either.

Is this something you would hand the customer or are you doing a big board behind the counter?
big board behind the counter, 38"x38"
This is fantastic. I did a similar "simple but bold" thing but I really love the arrangement and the color coding.

But. If I was you I'd change that red/orange to yellow... Some people will have a hard time differentiating the orange and the brown.

What's the Q.'s Tears drink?

quetzalcoatl's tears is an eight ounce mocha with cayenne, cinnamon, fresh ginger, and sea salt.


good point about the colors, i think it might pop more once it's printed but lightening up the orange couldn't hurt.

Thanks for sharing.


The sub-heading in the "etc." column refers to three things, none of which appear to be on the menu. Does "extras" refer to your syrups? I don't imagine you pull a second shot for fifty cents.

I was actually thinking printed when I made that comment; in my experience I color things 10% lighter than I want them printed because, well, that seems like what always happens.

good call matt, i just realized that. i need to expand it to include the drinks not listed in the other columns. 


and yeah we do an extra single shot for fifty cents.

I think the menu approach is a great idea! Makes it easier for first-timers to ascertain exactly what they want coffee-wise. I often do a verbal version for customers who don't know what they want ("do you want it black or white? Do you like it sweet?") 


I love the colour coding idea, which reinforces that each drink does have coffee in it. However as a consumer I would also probably query sizes, as I like smaller milky coffee and there's not much indication as to what that might be.


But that'd be my only critique. And damn, I want to try that  Quetzalcoatl's Tears drink! Sounds delicious!



Don't want to get you off track, or sound critical, but I'm curious--what's the rationale for such a cheap extra shot?


I ask for a couple of reasons. First, I assume the ethiopian car bomb is some sort of brewed coffee with a shot of espresso (as it's in the coffee only column), no? The "extra" shot for that drink would be a buck fifty, instead of two. That makes sense. But if you're charging only fifty cents for an extra shot, someone could make their own ghetto car bomb for a buck less by ordering the ingredients separately, no?


Maybe you're doing a true single for the extra shot? Even so, I can't imagine you're making any money with it, if you're paying 8-9 bucks/lb for your roasted. A single would cost you a quarter, give or take, plus labor.


Again, not trying to be a dink.

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