Greetings one and all.  Trying to get to the root of why I get nice crema but if it sits for 3 secs it kinda goes flat on me.  What would some of your thoughts be?

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if it tastes good, i wouldn't worry too much.

i've found this happens with coffee that is "too fresh", hence creating more CO2 which makes a crema that is gassier and dissipates rather quickly; it can also happen with coffee this past it's prime. i'd go off of taste first and foremost- if the coffee does that when you're dialing in and tastes good you should be good to go. if it does so after dialing in, check asap how it tastes and adjust your grind as needed.
We roasted it Monday I think. Thought it was a tad bit bitter but it was a straight origin that we havent fiddle with much, so who knows. The [making of] espresso end of coffee is fairly new for me to boot.
As Jonathan said, go by taste f & f as every bean is different.
I would be inclined to say your shot may need to run a little longer, so try adjusting your grind a bit finer. I am interested to know how it goes after you have a play around with it!
I think it needs longer too. It also blondes too quickly too. I will go finer as well.
That would put it around 6 days old, which would be about perfect maturity-wise. I use a medium-medium/dark roast SO Brazil and find it takes 6-7 days to mellow out. BUT I get way too much crema from it if I use it too early.

Have you tried updosing a bit? Any signs of channeling in the puck?
Cant updose anymore, its full. No channeling. Puck is very nice...maybe a tad coarse. Wondering if I am tamping too much as well.
Now I have to wait for the water hose to thaw out so I can try more this afternoon. :/ This is Mexican and a Panama. Both are roasted almost dark.
This was about the best I could get it. Tightened up the grind a bit and tamped less. Maybe a little to tight.
Shot's clearly blonding hardcore, a lot of leakage going on around the portafilter...

You're updosing way, waaaayy too much!

Updosing like that is so overrated and completely unnecessary imo. Don't believe the hype Peter!
I know the pf was leaking, I didnt tighten it enough, it doesnt normally leak. I really cant updose on this. 14g is the limit...and that is whats in the basket.

Peter Milne said:
I know the pf was leaking, I didnt tighten it enough, it doesnt normally leak. I really cant updose on this. 14g is the limit...and that is whats in the basket.

From the looks of things in that vid it seemed like eighteen or twenty grams was loaded into that basket. I'm currently pulling 13.5 grams on an E61 and 11.5g on a 49mm Cremina lever, so at your current dose of fourteen I'd say you're spot on.
This is on a Viva Reneka, if it matters.
Hi Peter,
Like the other Baristas have said, i could well be down to your grinds. Although it can be a long process, getting the grinds right will restore your crema & give you a good espresso. Don't fall into the trap of using too much coffee and excessive tamping to "force" a crema. This will just make for an orangey crema and a very bitter/burned coffee.
If you want you can download my free espresso ebook which will help you identify your espresso & help you improve it.
Thanks Peter & good luck
Kim xx

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