OK basically i got about 10 sacks of 100kg of green that has been corrupted by diesel fuel "dont ask me how it happened" the thing im asking is, is theres anyone here that can give me some advice what to do with them (except of throwing them to the garbage can :P) anyone ??

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How did it happen?  :)
Other than as insurance claim evidence then later possibly one helluva 3rd Crack bonfire, no, pretty much useless.
well u can used them as decor put them betwen glass and a wall it look great

@olivier dutil yeah that'll work hmm.. a huge transparent glass filled with green beans is surely eye catching... :P

@Mike i wish we had that kind of insurance here in indonesia hehehe..

@daniel lol its irresistible to ask right :P well to be honest the exact cause is unknown but the predictions is going between accident to competitor sabotage lol...

The poin is shits happened so just be prepared. so now were thinking of using those hermetic plastic grainbags inside the sack to prevent future accidents...

still anyone with an idea is welcome... :P ill take any ideas... :P


Special blend! You should still be able to roast them - diesel fuel doesn't burn;p
GrainPro bags are the way to go.

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