What is the difference between copper and stainless steel boiler?

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one is made from copper and one is made from stainless steel. (sorry I couldn't resist) Copper is more conductive than stainless so it manages heat more efficiently, it also expands better than stainless making it less prone to cracking from heat. As a trade off it is less durable and more expensive, but worth it.
I have one machine with two stainless steel boilers and the other machine has a copper boiler. When starting from a cold startup the heatup times are about equal. Without a good filter system they will require boiling out in about the same amount of use. From my end of the portafilter handle I can't tell any difference what so ever.
which machines do you have N.Freeman?

I have an Iberital IB1, 6 liter semi-automatic and a new La Marzocco GS3. I may sell the Iberital after I am satisfied with the La Marzocco.
Does both boiler will built up any scale and do u know why people said stainless steel will produce steel water.
Currently, I used Nouva Simonelli Appia 2 grp, Vibiemme Domobar Super Level machine.
How about you.
Thanks for sharing
There is a slight effect on taste as well, depending on how busy you are. Copper is a "soft" metal, and will give away a little more of itself than SS. While we are talking about pretty meager amounts here, some people swear it impacts the taste and mouthfeel of the water.

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