So for all of you unfamiliar with Rohs Street Cafe (prolly most of you), we are a small fair trade coffee shop on the corner of the UC campus.

Next Wednesday we will be showcasing our roasters direct trade coffee. Be lucky enough to try a truly special coffee in the third year of strong development on a couple of different brew methods possibly dialed in on our clover.

Check out the facebook page and make it out if you can!" target="_blank">

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The FB link is a dead end. However, I'll be there if I'm not working.
Humm on the fb quest. I get there just fine and it is an open event so I dont know what to say. Not the best fb user, so yeah im a failure of a college student. Would love to see you there though!
It just redirects to my "Facebook | Home" for some reason.
Well then who knows:
You can just go to the Armonia web site and find the infromation directly:
7pm —I can definitely swing that.
I feel really bad for not being able to have made it out that night. I was ambushed with a catered dinner party we were talked into hosting. Add me on here and give me a heads up on anything else coming up.

I was bummed that I had to miss it. I love cuppings and tastings.

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