"Coffee is Comfort Food" USPTO Registered Trademark for Sale.

"Coffee is Comfort Food" is a registered trademark, with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), in use by Spruce Tree Coffeehouse, LLC. www.SpruceTreeCoffeehouse.com
We've been in business five years; we're a single-location independent coffeehouse. A roaster, distributor, or franchise could use it nation-wide with no previous recognition.
Just think how good that would look on your label... 
Beats the crap out of "good to the last drop..."


970-739-1091 or message here.


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well, I wasn't... LOL... Guess I went a little pie-in-the-sky..!
I looked at your website - you may be just the guy to help me out. I'm about to list my coffeehouse for sale. We have a great clientele of regulars, a loyal following, and everyone loves us; we're about the coolest business in the small town we're in, but we still just break even. 

(actually, I was hoping some coffee giant would agree that my trademark would look great on their billion bags of coffee in ten thousand stores, and not think I was joking...)

Wow. How dillusional, or overly optimistic can you be? Okay, dude, spam on somewhere else. Thanks. Bye.

Thanks for the reality check, Jason... was kinda throwin' it out there... I didn't think that was spam, but your dismissive and belittling language has made me reconsider.

Don't mind me... now that you guys have gotten together I figured I'd just delete a couple of replies to remove email addresses. Carry on.

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