Got the bad news that our Clover needs a new mother board ($$$$). We will fix someday, but for now we will setup a three station drip bar (Intelli is providing the equipment). Should have it up and running in a few days. Any advice anyone wants to share in starting this up?

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First thought is that 3 isn't that many. I have 8, and we can have 6-8 going at some point almost every morning. We don't brew drip coffee any other way, however, so if you are thinking the pour over is a premium brew, rather than the standard, then 3 might be enough.

Other than that, it's fairly simple and fast to brew, taste, test, until you get the grind and dosage to your liking.
Best advice I can give is that if there is a line, train employees to ask down the line if they can get a coffee started for those waiting in line. We currently use 10 spots and will have them all going on occasion. Like Steve said, it's all we offer so guests don't have another option if they want a quick cup. Keeping the line moving and keeping the coffee brewing is a must otherwise they will turn around and go elsewhere.
Why pour-over?
I reckon a french press makes a superior drink although brew time is longer. (But I also call Clovers Body Snatchers so you might want to temper any replies!)
I think the Clever Drippers are a good option.

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