charitable organizations that go "hand in hand" with coffee shops

I am interested in starting a fundraising initiative in my cafe which would benefit by donating coffee grounds. Does anyone know of an organization or group, looking for this type of donation? I was doing a little research and as we all know, coffee grounds can be used for many purposes and i was thinking of how farmers in less financially sound areas could benefit from the donation. I may be completely out of my mind on this one but I thought it was worth a discussion...


I'm open to suggestions and looking for a charitable cause that would have an obvious tie to the coffee business.


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We found a small veggie farmer at an outdoor market near our shop that will take our grounds. Not a charity formally, but works good for both of us. I loath throwing them away.
i found a group called "grounds for change" but haven't really investigated them yet. i have a bunch of organic farms in my area...i'll look into that too. Thanks! Funny, I watched an episode of Mythbusters where they made an amazingly strong/waterproof building material out of woodpulp and water which they froze, maybe coffee grounds have some kind of building use? sounds like a science project!

lisa, check out for the top 10 good uses for coffee grounds...some sane, some not so sane!

also, i think it was member stickman on here that suggested instead of offering customers a reward card of some type, how about donating that same money to an independent farmer of your choice?  thought that that was a great idea.  i think your roaster might be able to put you in touch with a small farm operation.


just some thoughts!


have a good one,



the coffee hound

Milk waste can be used to feed pigs - the cafe I work in is looking in to saving our wasted milk for some local pig farmers. That is assuming you're a respectable establishment that doesn't re-heat milk!! Not necessarily a charitable gesture, but a sustainable and eco-friendly one. Good on you for making the effort! It's easy to keep doing things the same way, but how satisfying to know you can change a few processes to make a difference.

We compost our coffee grounds (and egg shells) and use the compost in our gardens.


Ron, the Country Guy

We live/operate in a treehugger (environmentally friendly) county and have no problem getting rid of grounds. I save all pucks/drip grounds and dump them into a 13 gallon trash can/bag. Once the bag is full (30 lbs.~) I drop them off to a guy on the way home. He does organic farming and contacted us about getting the grounds regularly. Since his place is right on the way home we said not a problem. Before that people did pick them up every week or so for community flower beds and that sort of thing.
way to go, shadow!

the coffee hound

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