I am looking to put a VERY large chalkboard up in my cafe to list upcoming events.  Can anyone comment on their experience with chalk paint?  I think this would be more cost effective due to the size I am looking for, but am curious as to the maintenance of it or how well it holds up.  Thanks!

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Chalk paint while looks great and vibrant, can also run and can be a PIA to erase.
We  use a product called chalk ink the only place we can find it is at  a craft store the cost is about $20.00 for 4 markers come in pastels, white and black and fall colors . They last about 6 months and we change 3 boards a day. Use have to use water to get off so they will not rub off is someone brushes up against them.

We have chalkboards in our shop and use both chalk paint markers and regular chalk.  We use the chalk mostly for coloring in and shading, and the markers for writing and outlining. The boards hold up very well.  In my experience, I prefer the paint markers over chalk.  They make the boards look clean and nice. But you have to use a strong cleaner to clean the boards after - like Simple Green or something. Depending on the size of the boards you will be using, you might go through markers pretty quickly. We order markers about once a year (through Hubert supply company) and we use them for ALL of our drink/menu/event boards (about 6 in all).  ALSO, if your boards will be in reach of customers, I wouldn't recommend chalk...people can (and will) run their fingers through it.



Did you mean chalk board paint vs. chalk boards? i think this was confused... if you have a large wall you'd like to be a chalkboard, use the paint! i have a 5x14 foot wall that i have covered in chalkboard paint, it took about 3-4 coats, but it's held up REALLY well. i'm even thinking about framing it out with some fun trim or molding too! good luck!!

Yes Eileen, I was referring to the paint vs boards.  I know that I will be using the chalk markers (Chalk Ink has always been my favorite...I order direct from them).  How long have you had your chalk paint up?  Is it holding up?

My paint has been up for 4 years, i put a new coat on just to clean it up this past winter and it's keeping clean! i wash it with water, or dish soap works well too if you're starting over and want a super clean slate. the cool thing about it is, if you decide to make the board bigger, it's super easy to slap on some more (i did that to add space for sandwiches on the end and made it longer). I would suggest it to anyone for sure!

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