Well since Im at work right now I am going to be quick. As a barista do you pour your cappuccino's or do you scoop? My boss had say to me that pouring isn't the proper way. I've been pulling shots for over a year and a half, and I've taught myself when I have enough foam to pour. I would tell my new barista's that they should scoop while learing
But I have seen great barista's in bigger cities pour. And if yes to the pouring, is it harder to pour art with the dence foam?

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definitely pour. the milk should set in the cup after being poured. i always see the employees at not-so-great shops scooping, but if you watch the competitions, the baristi all pour. aside from tasting better and looking cooler, it saves time, its faster to pour it and hand it out than to pour/hold back foam, them scoop the foam. every second counts when you have a line of pissed-off-in-a-hurry-on-my-way-to-work customers all the way to the door :)

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