these are brewt if youve never ran across them

I recently ran across them in a professional situation, ~meaning mr. owner decided these would be primary brewing method over pour-over~...


now although that little gem of an idea is sitting pretty in my mind as much as incest does, i'm trying to stay open to things i may be ignorant of.

so has anybody seen these used or used them to any positive effect?

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I tend to brew my Clever, basically the same as a BREWT, closer to a 1:15 ratio.  I think the instructions it came with said something like 360g of water for 24g of coffee.  Also are you saying 1 minute 5 seconds total brew time?  I think that might be the problem.  I've mostly heard of people letting the coffee brew for 4 minutes before moving it to the mug, with some stirring thrown in at various points depending on who you ask.
this was my exact thought but our roaster told us 1.05 max. in reality it was more of a 1:15.93 (orsomewhat) 23g coffee:350g of H2o

I've had good results with a clever at steep times as low as 2:45 with a finer grind.  But 3:30-4:00 is pretty standard usage.  Anything close to a minute seems like it'll have to be underextracted.

It's an easy fix and lots of people make great coffee with Clevers (and BREWTS?). 


If you click this link, you'll find a little blog post I wrote abou..., and included is a handout I made to teach customers how to use them. (Most of the info was inspired by Batdorf & Bronson's Jason Dominy, and then adapted to my own tastes; some of it is a bit rudimentary, but should prove helpful.) Feel free to adapt it for your own purposes. 


15:1, 16:1, even 14:1 ... You can get good brews out of any of these ratios, depending on your grind size and steep time. But for simplicity I always start with 15:1. 30 secs bloom (water twice weight of coffee), rest of water added by 1:00, slight stir with whisk, cover, open between 2:30 and 2:45, another quick whisk, drain at 2:45 or 3:00 (earlier for 30g+, later for 25g or less). Brew should be done at 4:00... This is all with a French press style grind. 

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