do you do breakfast? how/what are the easiest ways to cook breakfasts? how/waht do you do and tips or secrets would be helpfull =)

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Hey Chuck when buying precooked sausage do you also have to use a microwave to heat it or does the panini maker heat it up enough? If the customer does not want their bagel pressed, is there a way to heat up the sausage without also having a microwave?

chuck celentano said:

Hi, I am the guy that abhors nuking anything from a raw state to a cooked state. We serve fresh-baked muffins, bagels and brioche. We also serve breakfast panini and wraps. Breakfast sandwiches are also available on a bagel or an english muffin. I pre-cook about a doz eggs in a saute pan.They stay fresh and tasty and my customers are thrilled with the improvement over the previous owners who nuked their eggs. I use pre-cooked bacon and sausage patties and I slice my own ham. Marry this with american cheese and you have a sandwic that is prepped and cooked in a panini grill in about 5 minutes.

Oatmeal with white yogurt, yes. It was a hit in our local coffee shop. Honey, nuts and raisins are optionals. 

Heather Holly Haller said:

anyone ever tryed oatmeal?

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