My father and I bought a preexisting business in January 2012. Obviously the returning customers have expectations based on how the business was run before we bought it. Our customer base is mostly retired and elderly people. One of the expectations we are really unsure of how to deal with is the bottomless cup of coffee! On average, customers buy their $1.90 cup of coffee and refill it 6 times, 5 days a week. My father has figured that with 1 refill, we make money, 2 refills we break even, and anything more than that, we are loosing money.


How would YOU deal with this?

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I would add not to sell your customers short. i believe that if you meet them where they are at but then slowly educate them over time they will move towards your vision. 

if you have a moment i highly recommend this lecture that James Hoffman did at the 2012 symposium. re-envisioning the retail experience


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