I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the vendors of custom coffee mugs and was wondering if anyone has experience with a particular website/retailer they'd recommend?  I'm looking to buy some high end mugs and a lot of the sites seem to peddle what appears to be pretty cheap stuff. 

I've got one of these Stumptown mugs (http://buy.stumptowncoffee.com/mug-sternwheeler.html) I really like and would love to make one up with my logo.  This one is pretty similar (http://www.qualitylogoproducts.com/custom-mugs/cuppajo-diner-mug.htm) but is 12oz opposed to Stumptown's 10oz.  

Would love something as heavy duty as Stumps and would greatly appreciate anyone who could point me in the right direction.


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Espresso parts

sara beth pritchett said:
Espresso parts

We get the Cuppajo diner mugs you mentioned. Excellent quality. In fact time to re-order!

Thanks Mike! I think I'm going to go with these as well. Where do you order yours from? Do you have a picture of how yours turned out?  How's the logo printing?

Thanks again

I went with discountmugs.com because I used no colors and had text only.

Quality Logo Products also have 10 oz mugs, they will also customize them for you at no additional cost as well. http://www.qualitylogoproducts.com/search.cfm?q=10%20oz%20mug&h...

Check out Deneen pottery. Awesome mugs, we use them for our shops.

Good luck

Hello. Have you tried researching custom mugs at you local area? I haven't tried ordering them online, I'm comfortable having it done at a local custom mug maker. But I do order custom takeaway cups online at MyCafeSupplies.

I prefer:


Coffee shop promos has always done us right. Great price and nice selection. Quick turnaround.



I use a local leather maker that has a beautiful mason jar wrap. He hand stamps your logo on every one. There's a one time brass stamp fee (to make an actual brass stamp that you can have later were you to stop ordering mugs.) and a low minimum order of a dozen. He works well with wholesale. This is for everyone! Please check him out and give it a shot. He does BEAUTIFUL WORK.

Tell him Mama Mocha sent you. xoxo

Espressoparts.com has some pretty good stuff. But their pricing structure is designed to prevent small orders and somewhat nullifies ordinary needs of a small business.  If you just need 8 mugs and 6 espresso cups they will charge you around $17 per item before any shipping and handling is configured.  Great quality for non-custom needs, but a bit punitive for logo and promo work.  Plus, they charge a set up fee for each additional order, the initial is $60 per item (meaning, if you buy 1 mug and 1 espresso cup you will be charged $120 in set up fees) followed by $40 fees per item for each additional order. 

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