Ok im sure this question has been asked before here. But what is the best 2 to 3 group espresso machine out there, keeping cost in mind. I going to open my own coffee shop here soon and i need some expert opinions on which are the overall best. THANKS!!!!

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Awesome, this is all great feedback. I definitely dont mind paying a little extra for a reliable machine. After all i have no idea how to fix anything major that is wrong with it. Ive been useing a La Marzocco for the last 3 years, and its been pretty reliable. All though at the this very moment theres something wrong with one of the groups. Its pulling shots that are a lot longer than the other 2. Backwashing and cleaning it will fix it anywhere from 2mins to 2 hours.
Paul I do agree with not needing/wanting the Aurelia's Smart Wand, but we have found it useful on our 2 group. I programmed it to hit 140-145 degrees and we use it to heat apple cider for customers. That way we don't contaminate the main wands and you just set the temp. and forget it. I surely wouldn't use it for milk, but it does a respectable job because my wife first got started on it for that reason. Later!
Laranzato, great machines and low priced as well. I am a direct distributor for them, very reliable.

We have written a blog post just about this because it is the number one question that our customers ask. We made a 4 part series because this question as it turns out is less about the espresso machine and more about your understanding some commonly neglected considerations. https://inlandcoffee.com/best-espresso-machine/

Buying a machine for commercial purpose should not be anyhow linked to budget, it rather should be linked with your needs. Identify your main needs and plan some machines around it and than seek for reviews about those, this will simply give you machine in your choice. Even if you need some advice, post your list of machines here in the board in poll form and done....

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