Hey guys!  Kind of short notice here...but i'm going to New York City in a couple of days and i was wondering if there are any coffee places i need to stop by while i'm there.  What do you recommend?  i'm looking for a good indie shop, roasting in house would be a plus.  Possibly near central park (but it doesn't have to be)  Any ideas?  

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Grumpy, Think, Ninth, Stumptown, Gimme! spring to mind...I'm sure there are others.
perhaps b/c they'd be aloof to such a notion while still being incredibly friendly, but Abraco (86 e7th St) is #1 hands down IMO, something endearing about owner-operator working their own bar
kaffee 1668 on greenwich st in tribeca does it right too
olso in brooklyn
southside in BK too
9th st espresso, go to the original on ave c
I really dug Third Rail. Dan Griffin works there, and is a great barista. They do a great job with coffee and espresso. Also, Cafe Grumpy at Chelsea is great. Amber Sather, Danielle Glasky and Park Brannen work there, and are amazing baristas. The two ladies have been regional champs.
I second the recommendo on Grumpy, Ninth St., and Stumptown... all excellent! I hear Blue Bottle is now open out there as is RBC NYC with their $18K Slayer centerpiece.

Jacob Casella said:
Grumpy, Think, Ninth, Stumptown, Gimme! spring to mind...I'm sure there are others.
PS- Just noticed you said near Central Park. In case these werent listed on the map .....

Zibettos on 6th Ave between 56th &57th st, 2 blocks from the park.

Knave inside the Parker Meridien Hotel in the hallway near the 57th st entrance between 6th & 7th ave( you can also enter on 56th st)

Fika on 58th st between 6th and 5th aves.

Macchiato Espresso Bar 52nd St between 6th & 5th aves.‎
I was only there for a few weeks but I stumbled into this place and it blew my mind, I think it was the first cup really good coffee I'd ever had. http://www.themudtruck.com/spots.html the one I went to was a shop, but I guess they have trucks about. The shop I think was in Manhattan though. Have fun!
This is a great start:

My personal favorites are Grumpy's, Ninth Street, There is Joe Art of Coffee on 514 Columbus Ave between 84th Street and 85th, one block away from the park. they have decent coffee. Thats the only one I can think thats close to Central Park. There is Luna Espresson on 83th and 1st Ave on the Upper East.....good God there are so many.

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