I recently moved back to the Bay Area, and I'm trying to hunt down some of best coffee shops around. I realize there are quite a few good shops. So I need your guys help on which ones you think are the best. Ive tried going on yelp to narrow things down, but it seems that everyone likes everything. Ive tryed to do this on my own but theres hundreds of cafes and i can only drink so many cappuccinos in one day.  So im turning to you guys, give me your brake down of the best of the best. Thanks!

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Break down:
north bay, Santa Rosa & Healdsburg: Flying Goat Coffee
SF: 4Barrel, Ritual, Blue Bottle
BKLY: Local 123.
Add Sightglass to the San Francisco list.
I've been on two trips to San Francisco in the last two years. Like yourself, I went to barista exchange seeking assistance in the locating of some most premium coffee shops. Of the three that were recommended to me, I've only been able to make it to two, though I repeated my visits on the second trip. They were Ritual and Four Barrels. I have been impressed with both of these shops not just by the quality of coffee but by the genuine friendly treatment i was given. At Four Barrels in particular, I went to the shop when they were a little slow and ended up talking to the roasters and baristas for like 45 minutes. I highly recommend these shops.

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