i just acquired this dvd in an effort to streamline some sort of basic, introductory process to new baristas at the shop and i'm curious about what ya'll have to say about it. have you seen this dvd? what are the elements you agree and disagree with, if any? and is there anything you would add, alter, or omit?

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I kind of wish they had touched upon nailing an espresso's flavor profile. But other than that its a great beginner's barista training vid. Also check out espresso 501. it's even better
It is in our future goals to potentially revisit a couple sections of Espresso 101 as the industry has evolved since we filmed the DVD. Espresso extraction and the many variables involved is an area that my training techniques have improved in the past few years, as well as the brewed coffee section and a couple small things about milk. Overall, the DVD is designed for someone with zero experience with espresso and it has really held up well over the years will a wealth of basic coffee knowledge.

We have come out with some new DVD's recently like Training with Champions and World Barista Championship (in conjunction with the WBC) which give a more current viewpoint on many variables.

Thanks for the support.

- Matt
Mallory you actually studied that dvd when I was training you as a barista at Fairly Grounded. If you recall, we did modify a couple of things that were inconsistent with my training at ABS. Congratulations on finding a new job.
joe--i totally agree with you. i've sat and studied espresso 501 as well and it's absolutely spring-boarded me in the barista direction of my dreams! good call.
matt--thank you thank you thank you. that dvd guided me and really broke down the history, the details, and the art of extracting espresso :) happy to support and will continue to do so.

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