So, like so many of you guys, I'm all about being a barista. Its my dream job. I'm getting married in....67 days. And I wanted to somehow incorporate being a barista in to my wedding. I was thinking like coffee bean favors? Rosetta shaped decorations?


I realize this is random. But I thought I'd ask :)

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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!! I also just got married in May! I don't have any creative suggestions for you as far as decorations or any of that, but I do have an idea... Do you have access to a one group 110v espresso machine and grinder? I had a friend bring his La Spaziali from home and a mazzer mini for decaf. I brought an extra mazzer major from work for hairbender! We did capps, espressos and americanos at the reception! We also bought a Zojirushi hot water tank to supply the hot water for the americanos and I brought a chemex and a buono kettle for pour overs! It was pretty great! Although, I do realize that not everyone has access to an espresso machine for things like this, but it did make for a very special event:) The bad thing is, I was the only one that could make anything so I had to man the machine when anyone wanted a drink! I was fine with it, and our reception was small enough that it wasn't a big pain...


Hope you have a great wedding and I look forward to hearing any suggestions that other people may have. I am not very creative when it comes to stuff like this!

Ask your shop to do a special blend for your wedding !!! Either give away Luke 6 oz bags with s private label describing not only the coffee but the blending of 2 peole to bring together a well balanced cup of coffee and a well balanced marriage ! Use them as your give sways on the table! You could even fill the flower vases with whole bean coffee in clear vases then stick the flowers in! Or.... Make a latte art Rosetta heart, take a pic of it ( you could even etch the named and date on it) and make buttons! Email me if you'd like I'll make one and send you the pic via iPhone! Congrats on the wedding!
our budget is super low so that really limits us. I'm getting one of our burlap green bean bags and cutting up and sewing it in to little gift bags to fill with chocolate covered coffee beans as favors which i think is adorable. But I LOVE the idea of filling our vases with whole beans! Adorable! also i think some flowers could go in different covered coffee mugs. Man if i had enough money i would so do the 6 oz bags of coffee that is the most adorable thing i've ever heard.

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