I'm curious about folks' experiences with these training schools. How does it compare to the on-the-job training you get? (I gotta say, I've got a great resource at my shop!) Are they pricey, and worth the money? What school would you recommend, and how far have you traveled to attend one?

Let's discuss!

(I hope I'm not completely rehashing another discussion).

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I guess as everything in life has two sides. If you'll like to start a professional barista career, than this might help you to get the food of the ground. 

Next big question is what is the diploma you'll receive worth?

Do you need a diploma to get a job, and when you'll have a diploma how much more will they pay you. At least you'll having a great time, and be able to network with your co-students.

In the perfect world, a good school should have already a line of SC Shop Owners lottering around, and waiting for the next students to be released.

IMHO barista schools might help a bit, but what it really needs to be an outstanding barista are values that can't be taught. What I seek in a barista is excellent communication skills, a  dedication to cleanness, a life time curiosity and always in pursuit the Godshot.

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