Hi, We are a coffee and espresso machines distributor in Indonesia and we like to offer our horeca customers barista training for their staff as a complete course. I need to know what the studying program should contain, such as: coffee types, roasting, espresso brewing technics, latte art and so.
I will apreciate all the information you can share.

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Most schools provide a course outline of their various training programs. They are almost all available online.

Doing the research to provide the content is the real work.

Good luck.

Ron, the Country Guy
Here is our outline for our 5 day class:http://coffeeschool.org/classes/mb_five_day

We also have a 6th day of roasting education: http://coffeeschool.org/roasting

You should be the one to custom tailor a curriculum that is suited for your attendees however. Also, make sure that your trainers are confident in the areas that they are teaching. We have multiple instructors tackle different areas to provide the best training we can, as everyone has a different forte and training style.

Good luck!

- Matt
Hello Matt,

Thanks for the info. I will follow your advise!


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