I'm considering picking up a pair of gloves to protect my hands at work. I'm beginning to get the calluses on my fingers. Not usually a problem, however one got dry and cracked open and stung like a never ending paper cut. Again, small problem but if you've had this happen, it's rather distracting when I'm trying to pump out drinks.

Right now i put a bandaid on my index finger to pad the spot of contact to the portafilter. It's saved my life. Love it. But then there's the part where it becomes gross and customers don't need to see that.

So what now. A glove? I use open ended gloves to ride my bicycle and I feel like they'll work well on the bar. I think one of those will work great, but they're padded and meant for handle bar contact. 

Do you use a glove for work? What works best for you?

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About calluses, before you go to bed, don't forget to lotion up your hands real good. And wear cotton gloves after that for sleep. It might help you like... a lot. 

And I’d advise against rubber gloves. Steam wands and hot water are hot enough to melt most food service gloves, and melted glove burn is much, much worse than a hot water burn. Try nitrile gloves instead. 

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