Hi bXers!

On Barista Exchange from time to time we help retailers with an actual Barista Exchange and we have a new opportunity for anyone who is interested.

There is a great shop in Calgary, CAN owned and operated by a Mother and Son, who are past graduates of the American Barista & Coffee School. They have a 6200 sq ft bakery as well as a brand new 2100 sq ft cafe. They also service the local farmers market. Right now my friend Pierre (the son of Marie the owner) is managing the coffee bar and is looking for someone to come to Calgary to work along side him in the cafe.

The cafe is very new, the have a PID's La Marzocco GB5 and use coffee from multiple roasters. It is called "A Ladybug Cafe" and the shop is located in a very nice part of Calgary.

They live in a large house only minutes away from the shop, and an apartment is available for the excahnge-barista to stay in. As Pierre also lives on premise, a male barista is preferred but not a requirement. There is also the potential for the exchange-barista to have use of a sports car while living in Calgary if interested. If not necessary, there is plenty of public transportation to take to the cafe and downtown. The apartment would be FREE of charge to the interested and selected barista.

Job details:

Work permits will need to be arranged and the owners are researching the details on what an exchange would take. Canadian citizens encouraged, but if they find the right person they are willing to do what it takes to give someone this opportunity.

They are looking for a barista to come and work for 3 to 6 months.

The selected barista will be paid $12/hr + tips. The tips are pooled and split evenly once a week and generally tips for a barista are around $120-$150 per week.

The work week would likely be Wed/Thursday 10am-4pm and Fri-Sun 9am-4pm. More hours would be available if interested.

Address of the cafe is:

2132-10 Aspen Stone Blvd
Calgary, ALberta T3H 0K3

If you would like to email me at baristaexchange@gmail.com with a resume AND cover letter explaining why you would be the perfect fit for this exchange and I can compile and forward on to them for you. I am helping in the selection process as much as I can.

Marie and Pierre are very sweet people and would be very gracious hosts. I plan to also come up and do a couple days of training soon at there shop.

Here is a short video of Pierre doing a demo for the Calgary Farmers Market

Thanks and this will be quite an experience for someone. Looking forward to seeing it come to fruition.

- Matt Milletto

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Are they looking for a fully qualified Barista?
They are looking for a barista who has a passion for quality and can work in a busy environment. 1-3 years experience. Pierre is very interested in quality of equipment, water, etc. and is a true coffee geek.
What are the odds! I put up a barista for hire thing months ago looking for a place and am moving out to calary to work for Phil and sebastians. Aha. If only I knew earlier. We sound like a perfect match for each other. On a side note, if they end up needing a tenant for the apartment in November let me know! I am still looking and a fellow barista would be awesome ahaha. Best of luck to them. I'll have to check them out when I get there
Dear sir

thank you very much for your kind reply.i'm really so interested to work with your friend mrs. marie and mr. pierre .sir i'm working for starbucks coffee international at the UAE as a certified barista/shift supervisor i'm a coffee master, in-store learning coach .i'm willing to work with them because firstly it would be my great pleasure to work with them and i'm willing to offer my level best efforts to them i'm also very happy to know that they are providing benefits to their employees .i've been working with la marzocco ,masrena,verismo for 3.5 years so i can manage that and i can manage also the shifts and may be i can bring them more money by providing a good customer service to the customers because it's a part of my job right now .i've lerned about coffee because it's my passion and more is i think coffee is about a human connection ...one person one cup at a time ...and with every sip a new story unfolds i want to make that each sip so memorable .

thank you
Dear Mr. Milletto,

Good day to you Sir!

I have attached my Resume' and Professional Portfolio for Ms. Marie's and Mr. Pierre's review. I am very much interested in this opportunity and I hope that my skills and work experiences meet their expectations.

Coffee is my passion, Sir! I have seized every opportunity to learn and master the science and art of coffee. And I have made it my mission to let others experience the world of coffee as well. I have been conducting trainings and seminars for students and coffee enthusiasts alike. But nothing beats the rush of cafe operations and being able to serve your guests the best cup of "liquid gold" they've ever had in their lives. That smile when they've had their first sip is priceless.

Thank you and best regards,
Ernesto "Ernie" A. Mesina Jr.
Antipolo City, Philippines
Are they interested in a true exchange, we would be willing to host one of their baristas and run a contest between ours to see who we would send. Crystal Lake is not quite the destination that Calgary is but we roast on site and would be willing to engage their barista in that process as well as behind the bar.

Good Day Sir,

I've read your post and I'm very much interested on the job your friends offering.I worked in Caffe Mauro United Arab Emirates as their lead barista and a coffee machine technician for two years now. I have knowledge about the Good Quality and different variety of Coffee,knowlwdge in making Latte Art and I'm willing to work with your friend if given a chance.I have attached my CV for further information.

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