Torani Bacon Syrup.

I have no words.

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I suppose this is the more legit version...
Haven't been to this place yet, though it's just across the bay from me. Maybe if the espresso shot didn't look awful I'd make the trek...still, I am pretty curious.

as for torani bacon flavored syrup, no thanks, not that curious.
Okay, so let's think about this for a second. I just watched that video that Christopher posted, and it's odd. The guy could have pulled the shot better, but lets chalk it up to nerves (he did seem nervous). And correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't anything that comes from an animal not vegan? Another point, that is such a waste, I'm not the biggest pork eater, but damn! What do they do with all the wasted pork?!

Anyways, I like trying/developing new things, even unconventional things. And would give this a try, I'm just trying to figure the flavor in my head. And what would entice someone to do this, other then the fact that it is Refined Bacon (which is enough for most of my guy-friends). At any rate, I believe that the syrup companies make syrup for more things then just coffee. So there may be a food-prep reason to do this. Some sort of Kosher stock maybe?
I could have this while wearing my burger king cologne...
I'd totally be down on some bacon cappuccino action. It's like White Castle, totally gross in theory, but amazing none the less. Come on it's bacon.... BACON!!! Who doesn't love bacon. If you don't love bacon I would have to question your commitment to the human race, or the possibility that you are in fact evil. I'm gonna go eat some bacon.
Andy. What if you're Jewish or Muslim? Don't go to far with your bold statements. lol
I love how one of your keywords is "rolaids."
I'm holding out for Denver Omelette and hashbrowns syrup...
I think you should patent that right now, you'll just be kicking yourself later if you don't.

Mike McGinness said:
I'm holding out for Denver Omelette and hashbrowns syrup...
There was a contestant at the Mountain Region Barista Championships in Denver 2009 who used bacon grease as an ingredient in his signature drink. I didn't get to try it but the judges who did said it wasn't too bad, (much to their surprize). As Emerill says, "pork fat rules".

I haven't tried bacon syrup, but.. coffee goes well with salty foods.. and I have tried the bacon dark chocolate candy bar from Vosges.  

Same sort of thing I imagine. If you eat bacon, you might be surprised that you like it, ha. 
Although, I like sea salt and dark chocolate better.  

Bacon is an important food group in my diet.  That said, I'll pass. I actually have candied bacon cooking in my oven right now actually.  haha

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