I am looking at purchasing my first roaster.

It is a Diedrich IR-3 with automation.  I f anyone has any advice, or experience with this roaster or this automation I would appreciate your input.



Thanks,   Eric

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Automation on an IR roaster is an oxymoron because IR burners don't change output fast enough, by the time the gas valve has changes and there is any change in btu output too much time has past and the situation is different. Careful manipulation of airflow nets a good result but for consistency a good roaster has to be at the helm.
ok here is a non automated IR-7 how does this look?
is this roaster in kennewick wa?


Yes it is, you are familiar with it?


Benjamin Phillips said:

is this roaster in kennewick wa?

How about this IR-3 with afterburner? afterburner is not a requirement but may be a plus if installed at home or close proximity.



What is the intended use of the roaster? Your bio says you're a pilot and home barista. Strictly personal roasting, roasting for friends and family, starting a roasting business?


BTW, I disagree about automation control systems being an oxymoron. Attempting to use automation without first knowing your roaster's capabilities and the capabilities of the automation sure is a fools adventure.


As my passion has grown, I have refurbished used and sold a number of machines this last year.

I am hoping to start a micro roasting company, with a emphasis on bringing a high quality roast to our area, to include education on coffee and machinery and some local barista events



Worthy goals. That said if I understand correctly you've never roasted coffee at all. It's easy to turn beans brown, it's a lifetime Journey learning to make beans sing. I'd suggest getting a high quality smaller 1/2lb capacity home roaster first like the Quest M3 or go for the gusto and get a USRC .5k. It will take hundreds to thousands of roasts to really get good at it IF you have a good aptitude and the patience to learn! Neither would be a waste if/when your capacity needs increase, continued use for sample and profile development roasting. You could start with a 3k but you'll burn through a LOT more greens learning :) Yes you can roast smaller batches, but it's much more difficult to learn to control batches way below roaster capacity. But you can do it. And if done from the git go not too bad except when then going for larger capacity batches everthing changes, and changes big time! Yet just a different learning curve I suppose.


Thanks for the input, points well taken. I do have a friend who just got back from Iraq. he has been roasting on hottop, and is getting a 'tricked out M3 tomorrow. he is produced some excellent roasts is very passionate about it. he will be roasting and teaching me as well. I have the most to learn but my friend has at least some experience.


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